Waiting For Amelia

My cousin lisa came over this morning for a catch up. She bought the stiff over to make a fry up. Lisa and my sister put the sausages on and then came back to the lounge to chat. We forgot the sausages!!!!!!!
My sister went to get a drink about 15 minutes later, casually walks back into the lounge and calmy announces the sausages are on fire. I was like actually aflame on fire!!? And she says yes. So we all jump up and run to the kitchen. And yep the grill with the sausages are on fire. The kitchen was thick with smoke. And what did we all do?
I opened all the doors to outside, and ran around opening windows, and trying to get the smoke alarms to stop! While Ali and Lisa tackled the grill. The smell was so bad! I’ve been airing the house out all day, and it’s mostly gone now thank god!
Was scary, but hilarious afterwards, and no one got hurt, and no damage was done!!